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PapyPress is the result of one boy's dream of one day fulfilling his late grandfather's wish to keep the family's printing business going. For the past 7 years, he slogged day and night at the business and it wasn't until recently that an opportunity presented itself in the form of a letterpress machine -- it was precisely this same machine that his grandfather built the family business on almost 60 years ago. So with this vintage letterpress machine, PapyPress was born.

Letterpress printing is essentially printing that appeals to all your different senses. Unlike the typical prints commonly available today, letterpressed print speaks to a bygone era when printing required great skills and the printer regarded as an artist. The result is an art piece that aroused romantic and oftentimes sensual feelings in the beholder.

The constant desire to produce beautiful works thus led the boy to specialize in bespoke stationery for weddings and other happy occasions, for it is precisely in such occasions where the full potential of letterpressed prints can be realized. PapyPress designs are built upon the foundation of classic craftsmanship and quality and each piece of stationery is laboriously handmade. Where 1st impressions count, you can count on PapyPress.

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  • Shrek -
    Table Top Press

    Shrek -
    Table Top Press

    Named after one of my favourite cartoon characters. 'Shrek' came painted industrial green. There were nicks and chips but it got the job done. Identified by it's vertical arm. It's nick named 'One Armed Bandit' for obvious reasons. It's easy to use and has more impressions strength than some of it's counterparts.
  • Miyagi -
    Floor Platten Press

    Miyagi -
    Floor Platten Press

    We named this floor unit Miyagi because when we found him, the only signs of origin were the Japanese labels that were adhered to the machine. Miyagi has a nice fence plate that protects it's belt from it's printer. Truly a gem!
  • Kelsey Excelsior

    Kelsey Excelsior

    Looks pretty similar to the Adana but much heavier in terms of weight. The Excelsior gives a much heavier impression and we love the clinking sound it makes after each impression. Age: about 40 years Max printing size: 8" x 5"
  • Adana


    This tabletop letterpress machine was released in 1953 and retailed for a mere £16.80. Today, simply trying to find one would be like striking the Singapore Big Sweep (local lottery)! This little fella came to us through a stroke of good luck. We stumbled upon an old print shop and the owner was more than happy that it could be given a second life.


    Age: about 30 years
    Max printing size: 8" x 5"

  • Blooey -
    Heidelberg Windmill

    Blooey -
    Heidelberg Windmill

    During the industrial revolution. The heidelberg windmill was one of the most versatile letterpress machines in the world. Blooey is our most prized possesion and many of your letterpress request are printed by her.


    Age: about 50 years
    Max printing size: 10" x 15"

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  • Metallic Foil Gilding

    Metallic Foil Gilding

    We have been reviving the centuries old tradition of gilding locally in our workshop the past couple of years.


    A tedious process of clamping the material into a large block, sanding all the edges down to form a smooth surface. And finally gilding each edge one by one.


    Gilding Colours:

    Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, Copper, Bronze and Laser.

  • Letterpress Namecards

    Letterpress Namecards

    We print on super thick cards, between 500+ to 700+ GSM to be exact! These business cards sure pack a punch and if making the right first impression is important to you, this should do the trick because so far, we have not had anyone not take a 2nd look or exclaim in wonder at these cards.

  • Letterpress Printing

    Letterpress Printing

    We have two 1955 Heidelberg letterpress machines, Blooie and Pinkie. Blooie and Pinkie can get cranky sometimes but they sure churn out beautiful pieces of letterpress works.

  • Envelopes


    With full production facilities in our own backyard, we are able to print, die-cut and form custom envelopes in small quantities. With such ease of availability, there really isn't any reason in getting plain off-the-shelf envelopes anymore!
  • Die Cutting

    Die Cutting

    Started as a process for cutting leather for the shoe industry, it is now sophisticated enough to cut the different shapes and sizes for your bespoke stationery as well. By making a custom die or knife, we are able to produce an infinite number of designs for your very own unique set of stationery.

  • Thermography Printing

    Thermography Printing

    For those in the know, this used to be one of the most elusive of print methods after letterpress. You have seen it somewhere, but can't find anyone who can do it or do it well. The rumour mill has it that this form of printing no longer exists. But behold! PapyPress does thermography printing and it is alive and kicking back in our studio! This form of printing is a painful process for any printer, but the hardwork definitely pays off when we hear the "oohs" and "ahhs" from our clients.
  • Waffles!


    This is something that close friends and some lucky clients have had the honour of enjoying; we own a 1980's waffle machine too! Our mum gave it to us as a house warming gift. It's an awesome machine. Paired with the perfect waffle receipe, this machine makes a "crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside" waffles! You never know, maybe the next time you pop by, we may just be making some!

  • Hot Foil Stamping

    Hot Foil Stamping

    Print method of choice for many ultra luxe stationery, it is not surprising that its popularity never waned. Shocking pink, metallic rose gold and matt white are just some of the unique colours that we have available for hot foil stamping. With foil stamping, we are able to print on materials such as leather, birchwood and even napkins! We often use this method to personalize Moleskine notebooks for discerning individuals and corporations.


    Hotfoil Colours:

    Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, Copper, Bronze, Black , Pearl, Transparent, Yellow, Blue, White, Pink & Laser.

  • Edge Painting

    Edge Painting

    Add a pop of color to the edge of your thick invitations or business cards. This is one of the surest way to stand out from the crowd. Hand painted to your colour specification, we have had fun working with some unique colours like neons and gradients.
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